Monday, August 22, 2022

Ninja Bubble Tea USA

 Hey There.....You ask and we listen. Here we go it all started as a dream wanting to sip up a healthy cup of green 💚 and the healthy of it all is called Tea not just any Tea but the Ninja Bubble Tea Green Tea! 1 sip 🍹and you will be transformed like a a Hulk or She Hulk with bursting energy.'s been proven people their no need to stay thirsty my friends. 

 Wow this is really a cool place to be and fun too and the best part is the 46 Flavors of Bubble Tea and Non Dairy Milk Tea ever manufactured single handed by a little Ninja born in a big city right hear in the good old USA on February 12 2012 "New York - New York" Ninja Bubble Tea LLC"

She is so beautiful 🤩 a new Ninja have arrived lets great them on their 1st Bubble Tea.🥷🧋😋

Hey Guys welcome to the House of the Ninja🥷 what flavors your day today?

The response is my Goodness you guys have so many flavors...ooooh Boba, flavored popping boba, Jelly and star strawberry 🍓 jellies, mango 🥭, Lychee, coconut 🥥.....Island Man Island....🤭

Well said the Ninja 🥷🧋you are about to have a Ninja experience of a lifetime I will create a Bubble Tea for you that will take you into the world in the year of 2024......let's get started then.

A new drink became created just for our new guest a create your own flavor up to 3 different bursting flavor all you have to do is pick 1 of the flavor and the Ninja🥷🧋will create the other 2 flavors.

? Said our guest I hear a lot of great news about Ninja Bubble Tea hear in Stamford CT what's that all about ?

Ninja 🥷🧋 Tearista answered you are about to enjoy a sip of the Best Bubble Tea in the entire universe now get ready and you will have the answer that awaits you.....just pop the sealed bubble tea mystery drink that I just created for you  guys and  before you start the sip...I want you guys to look into each other's eyes and see the reaction of the flavors that infuse and transforms you.

Guest reaction: yuuuuuummmm....ooooooohhhh This is Soooogooooood....oh my God.

Ninja🥷🧋 Tearista. replies in a deep voice.  


Oh and just to let you know we also have our Bubble Tea's in a Bottle "Lychee-Mango-Passion Fruit made with our very own Organic Green Tea and Coconut Jelly at the bottom..( Free shipping 

Breaking News: Extra Extra read all about it and Now you can taste it:

The New K-pop Ninja Coffee hot or Cold Latte is here and everyone is boasting about it it's going Viral......(did you hear that beat inside you mind🤭 a Blend of 2 generations of our very own Beans in the making for the past 5 years..... East meets West combined blend and it now in a 12 oz Gusset Coffee bag... Stop on in for Free tasting anytime at our Stamford CT location 225 Summer Street and order one or 2 Ground or Whole bean

Visit our main website:

Google us.. Ninja Bubble Tea Stamford

Hey their thanks for reading up on my blog and more blogs are heading your way.

And by the way Join our reward program Every drinks you purchase earn you Ninja Stars ..Buy 10 drink and when you return on the 11th Drink it on the house "FREE" 

Oh my I have to get back in the kitchen to Cook up Your Craving of Fresh Boba... & Bulgogi...

And oh Yes.. did I forget to mention we are a 5 Star restaurant Franchise and when you see our menu you will become Thirsty and Hungry at the same time.... 

Now serving:

 Pho, Pho Ramen, Spicy 🔥 Ramen, 16 flavors of BANH MI sandwiches" Bulgogi Banh Mi, chicken, BBQ chicken, Pork Pate, chicken teriyaki, Tofu, deep fried Tofu.

Korean Bibimbap Bulgogi, Rice Bowl, Vermicelli noodles and

 the largest Vegan menu ever in the entire USA 

Call us 203-406-7183 visit us 225 Summer Street Stamford CT 06901 or order online or GrubHub-DoorDash-Uber...

Google Reviews: hear what our guest are saying

Ninja Bubble Tea (Stamford)

5.0 star rated (170) & counting ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

2 weeks ago
Ninja has been our go-to place for Thai Bubble Iced Tea and Vietnamese Iced Coffee. So flavorful and the owners are so friendly and engaging. With every cup, you know you’re getting the best tasting drink and service!

a month ago
Super friendly owners!!! I went a few months ago but I forgot to do a review.
I ordered the Bibimbap and spicy ramen. If not mistake I believe (Es) was so kind every time I visited she would always offer a drink on the house or something new they were working on.

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